Maguire Blenders: Designed to help plastics processors meet growing sustainability goals.

Maguire Blenders: Designed to help plastics processors meet growing sustainability goals.

(Maguire, Aston, PA, October 12, 2021) … Growing demand for the use of post-consumer content, surcharges on virgin resign and global legislative policy proposals & adoptions are being enforced to create a more circular economy.  For instance, in 2019 the Basel Agreement was amended to include plastic waste in a legally binding framework that became international law in January of 2021, better regulating global trade in plastic waste. Also in 2019, Germany enacted the “VerpackG” Packaging Act in an effort to bring about a significant increase in recycling rates for waste packaging materials. The Act includes a ban on disposable plastic products and affects all manufacturers and retailers that sell packaged goods to consumers in Germany. Coming in 2022, the UK Plastic Packaging Tax applies to plastic packaging produced in, or imported into the UK that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic. By the year 2025, the European Directive 94/62/EG (and amendments in Directive (EU) 2018/852) requires a form of producer responsibility to be in place for all packaging types in all EU Member States. The regulations are to ensure that used packaging materials and packaging waste are returned or collected and then recycled or reused in the most suitable manner.

These new challenges have plastics processors looking for economical solutions to incorporate additional materials, more diverse materials and changing material content in their final product. The Maguire Weigh Scale Blender provides that capability and is offered in eight sizes, from the smallest Micro-Blender (maximum throughput of 100 lbs/hr , 45 kgs/hr) to the largest Maxi-Batch Blender (with a throughput of roughly 11,000 lbs/hr, 5000 kgs/hr).  The blenders can handle up to 12 different components and can be configured into 120 different models.  

Flexibility to Address Changing Material Requirements 

Application flexibility and accuracy is the key to the Weigh Scale Blender.  Each blender is configured with the appropriate size hopper & dispense device for the given material (pellet, granular, flake, powder, or liquid).  Without the proper dispense device, a blender cannot achieve a repeatable, accurate dispense.   Maguire offers blender configurations utilizing 14 different size hoppers, both fixed and removable.  And these hoppers can be configured with a choice of 16 different dispense valves, 7 auger feeders and 2 liquid color pumps, or any combination.    

Ease of Use and Precise Control

The icon driven touch screen controller is fast, intuitive, and capable of controlling third party loading systems.  Although it is easy to achieve accuracy with large dispenses like those for virgin, PCR and regrinds, the software allows for super critical dispenses of minute quantities of additives, while maintaining an accuracy of 0.1% of set point.  Operators have complete control of the entire blend process and final product, knowing right down to the gram on every material that is included. This precision dosing and accurate control offers significant accountability and savings on raw materials. 

Maguire setting the standard

“With an installed base of over 60,000 blenders worldwide, our customers continue to have complete confidence in our blender flexibility, ease of use and accuracy.   Over thirty years of consistent technology and software development have created a robust design and unmatched performance” said Frank Kavanagh, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  

All Maguire Blenders are backed by an industry leading 5-year Warranty.

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About Maguire

Headquartered in Aston, Pennsylvania, USA, Maguire manufactures gravimetric blenders and feeders, volumetric feeders, ULTRA low energy dryers, conveying systems, extrusion control systems, loss in weight extrusion control, and related auxiliaries. 

Founded in 1977, Maguire Products operates seven manufacturing facilities in Aston, with seven international subsidiaries that service an extensive network of distributors globally. 

User friendly HMI controller makes it easy to quickly see the operation status of the blender and hoppers. 

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